Red Haze

What Red Haze is like:

Dive into the intriguing world of Red Haze, a potent sativa born in the heart of the 1970s Colombian cannabis scene. This rare gem is a captivating fusion of Neville’s Haze and Colombian Red, whisking you away on a cerebral and inspiring journey. Patience is key, as this elusive strain takes its sweet time, blooming over 12 to 14 weeks. But once you discover it hidden in a dispensary, brace yourself for a long-lasting, euphoric frolic that rivals the thrill of sipping a cup of coffee.

Daytime adventurers only need apply – Red Haze is your ticket to a vivid, lively escapade!

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Strain details

Thc: 25%
Cbd: 0%
Cbg: 0%
Pripary Terpene: Linalool