Moby Dick

What Moby Dick is like:

Welcome aboard the Moby Dick – an electrifying sativa blend crafted through the union of the enigmatic Haze and mystical White Widow. Get ready to ride the invigorating waves of this legendary strain and embrace the inspiring head high that leaves users feeling kaleidoscopically energized.

Commanding 18% THC, Moby Dick opens its seafaring voyage to both first-time explorers and seasoned cannabis connoisseurs alike. Delight your senses with the enticing aroma of a vanilla ocean, underpinned by the secrets of eucalyptus hidden beneath its surface.

Let the dominant terpene, myrcene, guide your journey as this strain conquers the nefarious stress, depression, and anxiety lurking beneath the mind’s waves. Growers toast their harpoons to this green giant’s swift blossoming and resilience against the threat of mold, paying homage to its creators at Dinafem Seeds.

Embark on this epic maritime adventure and let the spirit of the whale guide you through Moby Dick’s therapeutic embrace. All aboard!

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