La Bomba

What La Bomba is like:

Introducing La Bomba – the explosion of flavor and color, a vibrant lovechild of the sophisticated Wedding Cake and high-flying Jet Fuel Gelato. This exotic beauty is draped in lush green and royal purple leaves, adorned with wisps of amber, creating a truly enchanting sight.

Surrender to the enchanting fusion of relaxation and exhilaration as La Bomba’s captivating effects whisk you away to a blissful utopia. The medicinal maestros among us seek out La Bomba’s on their quest to soothe insomnia, alleviate depression, and extinguish the flames of chronic pain.

Stunning protagonist’s aroma, shaped by the commanding presence of limonene, entices the senses with its peculiar piquancy. La Bomba charms you with its signature gassy, sweet, and dank aroma, promising an eruption of flavor in each indulgent taste. With a THC level hovering around 23%, La Bomba keeps you elegantly poised as you embark on a first-class journey through funk, brought to you by the creative cultivators at Compound Genetics.

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Strain details

Thc: 25%
Cbd: 0%
Cbg: 1%
Pripary Terpene: Caryophyllene