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When talking about cannabis, discussion usually turns to drugs, laws and risks vs benefits. This, while important, is not at all why I started this website.

Disclaimer: We at Haze Things do not condone use of illegal substances, neither we promote usage or in any form justify illegal activity.

That being said, I personally have a different point of view to this whole topic. To me personally this is about culture and lifestyle, which encompasses music, mentality, style and philosophy. In our hearts and minds, cannabis culture can be embraced without having ever smoked weed. There is no need to eat magic brownies to enjoy a sounds of acoustic guitar in the dim light of sunset. There is no need to smoke weed when you are at a underground festival in the middle of the woods. It is about the culture of peace, arts and nature.

Especially now, culture that embraces art is more important than ever. People that preserve nature should be cherished and peace is a goal for everyone. We should create platforms to improve our connection with ourselves and nature, but it seems we create platforms for attention, profit and exploitation. But we don’t want that here.

Haze things culture

To put it simply “Grow as a person, create better world”

That is why not everything here works perfectly. believe me, I know! there are bugs and there are some quirks to be improved. But I am growing and I am learning!

In due time, the bugs will be fixed, the Haze shop will look more sleek and new content will be more frequent. This journey is part of life and it’s ok, if you are not happy with Haze things. However, I urge you to stick around, maybe we’ll grow into each other 🙂

Haze Shop

This our own small boutique cannabis infused shop. We don’t sell cannabis, but you will find a growing selection of clothing, designs and other accessories. All uniquely designed by us and offered to you!

One theme that we personally find awesome is that we put strains to a graphical realm. So, if Zsweet Insanity is your strain of choice, you can wear a hoodie to REPRESENT!

Zsweet Insanity
Zsweet Insanity is bred by Ethos Genetics


So strain database was our initial idea. We noticed, at the time, that there were little competition in strain knowledge base space and we wanted to get there first. However, as you well may be aware, now every other website has a dedicated strain database or some sort of directory. We just took too long to build this feature. That is ok, because this setback gave us another path to go on. There is some info about the different strains on Haze Things, but that will not be our main focus.

We will focus more on arts, art promotion and Haze Shop. ideally, we want to create a sustainable marketplace where artists can share their work with our visitors and have a noiseless platform for self expression. When we say noiseless, we mean we will not use every tactic available to sell you, every shady method to get you to subscribe and share your data. Relax! you be you and we be us. Check in with us once in a while and that will suffice.


Right! I wrote a lot of vague text, but that’s what happens when you try to write down your thoughts as they come. Point is, this platform, brand or movement (or whatever you want to call, we don’t know ourselves) is about culture and growth. We share what we think is relevant and hope to connect with people. I guess that’s that for now.


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