Early Girl

What Early Girl is like:

Meet Early Girl, the charming wallflower of cannabis strains who’s been kicking back since the groovy ’80s. Nurtured tenderly in the green embrace of Sensi Seeds, this laid-back lady is all about chill vibes and stress-relief. As a 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid, Early Girl is the perfect companion to guide ganja newcomers into a world of relaxation.

For those with a green thumb or those just starting to grasp the gardening game, Early Girl is your new best friend. She’s compact and resilient, blooming into her full, glorious self within just 7 to 8 weeks. While Early Girl loves basking in the great outdoors, she’s more than happy to keep cozy indoors too. Get ready to unwind, relax, and embrace the tranquil life with our lovely Early Girl.


Strain details

Thc: 17%
Cbd: 0%
Cbg: 0%
Pripary Terpene: Pinene