Deep Breath

What Deep Breath is like:

Get ready to plunge into the depths of Baked Beanz’ tantalizing creation, Deep Breath! This epic fusion of “Breath” strains comes from a cosmic collision of Alien Breath, a lovechild of POGO (Purple Alien OG x Goji OG) and Berry Breath (Blackberry x Grateful Breath). But the adventure doesn’t end there! We then journey further into a heady marriage of Alien Breath and a GG4 x Mendo Breath hybrid, enhancing the powerful and captivating characteristics unique to its lineage. Beware, for this mighty hybrid strain is a force to be reckoned with – both in its potent effects and its enchanting aroma. A whirlwind of sharp chemicals and sweet berries weave together, creating an immersive, attention-grabbing scent that fills the space around you. And with a flowering cycle of 8 to 9 weeks, Deep Breath is truly a celestial delight worth the wait!


Strain details

Thc: 14%
Cbd: 0%
Cbg: 3%
Pripary Terpene: Ocimene