Bubblegum Gelato

What Bubblegum Gelato is like:

Introducing the enchanting concoction of Bubblegum Gelato, a mesmerizing merger of the legendary Gelato #45 and the enigmatic Indiana Bubblegum. This hypnotic hybrid gently wraps you in a cloud of tranquility while lifting your spirit and tickling your taste buds with its sweet cherry essence. Best suited for budding cannabis connoisseurs, BG Gelato contains a perfect 16% THC to satisfy without overwhelming.

Highly recommended by the ever-wise collective, this luscious strain eases away fatigue, soothes aching joints, and melts stress like magic. Created by the illustrious Backpack Boyz, Bubblegum Gelato bursts with a fruity, earthy aroma that’s dominated by the terpene Myrcene. Breathe deep and unlock the enigma of Indiana Bubblegum.

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Strain details

Thc: 19%
Cbd: 0%
Cbg: 1%
Pripary Terpene: Pinene